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Re: [IP] health insurance


So basically, I'm stuck?  My parents work for the same group of hospitals
that I do.  They carry the same stupid insurance that I do.  URG~!


On Tue, 04 Aug 1998 11:44:37 -0700 Ruth Elowitz <email @ redacted>
>Michael and others,
>In California, these policies will not accept you if you are diabetic 
>or have any other chronic condition.   A few of
>them will accept asthma or allergies.  I researched all this
>first for my husband before we were married and then later for myself 
>(a year and a half ago).  In California the only
>insurance open to nonaffiliated diabetic is high risk health 
>insurance.  It is costly, covers only minimal supplies, and
>has exorbinant co pays.  At the time I was most desparate, I called 
>the state for help and after being endlessly shuffled
>around was told that my options for health insurance were:
>    a).  to enter the lottery for the high costs plans (a choice of 
>3).  We figured out that using these plans would cost
>me between 1/4 to 1/2 of my (at the time) $20,000 a year income.  
>Since those of you in the Bay Area know what rents are
>like around here, that basically meant rent, utiltiies, health 
>insurance, car insurance,  and a few dollars a month for
>    b).  (The person I spoke to really said this!)  Have kidney 
>failure within 45 days.  Then Medical would cover me.
>    c).  join a large group plan who would accept me or get a 
>full-time job that covered me.
>If you are covered by a policy and loose coverage or change jobs, 
>there are now policies are reasonable prices that offer
>reasonable coverage.   If you work in areas that don't offer this kind 
>of policy, if you don't work full time, if you
>work for yourself, if you are a college or graduate student, these are 
>not available (this makes me furious!)  Any
>parents out there with college age kids or anyone in college, make 
>sure you have a group plan or COBRA coverage BEFORE
>you are too old to be covered by parents.
>As it turned out, my husband got a job with health insurance and 2 
>months after my coverage expired we snuck out and did
>a before the wedding city hall marriage.   I felt terrible about that 
>but he kept pointing out that we already had a
>wedding date anyway.  I keep wondering if there are health insurance 
>marriages the way there are are green card
>Michael wrote:
>> > 
>> > I would also like to learn more about getting insurance on my own. 
> I'm
>> > 20 years old, (new to this site) and a pumper for three years.  I 
>> > for a network of hospitals who are self insured and do not deal 
>with the
>> > insulin pump.  I have to drive out of state and pay out of pocket 
>to see
>> > my endo.  It's a major pain!  I'd do anything to get in with a 
>> > insurance provider.
>> >
>> I received a bulk mail solicitation from Blue Shield of California
>> (or one of their agents) that outlined a ppo plan for various 
>> In my post I quoted their rates for single under 29 and under 39
>> respectively at $90 and $131. I am afraid I tossed the flyer after I
>> made the post. You should be able to get info of that nature from 
>> various I co's representatives like Prudential, Blue Shield, Blue
>> Cross. Sorry I can't be of more assistance.
>> email @ redacted
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