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Re: [IP] pacificCare and Kaiser in Bay Area, CA

Does anyone out there have information on insurance in the greater
Cincinnati area?

>I must be very lucky.  I have Oxford HMO in NYC and feel that I have a 
>great team
>and support system.  I just started on the MM507 and Oxford is 
>covering everything.
>The pump, its supplies all my diabetic supplies(through their maint 
>drug) and great
>My primary care sends(via mail or if needed fax) referrals very freely 
>and all the
>specialists have been very good.
>just my .02
>Tina Farrell wrote:
>> I and others I know, including a sister, have had bad experiences 
>> Kaiser. This was way before I was diagnosed with IDDM. I know people 
>> are satisfied with them, but they would have to be my ONLY choice!
>> On the other hand, I've been mistreated by other HMOs too. Kaiser 
>has just
>> been the MOST incompetent.
>> It occurred to me the other day that the money part of the medical
>> establishment has no love for chronic sufferers who also have the
>> likelihood to live long lives. We're expensive, and yet we're vocal 
>> feisty enough to carry on for a long time.
>> I often feel that I'm getting the not so subtle message to just go 
>> Which makes me angry for all those years without IDDM when I didn't 
>> use medical insurance very much.
>> So tell me I'm just a little paranoid! But the battles, chores, and
>> paperwork get to me.
>> Tina
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