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Re: [IP] Weight Gain?


I have *lost* weight on the pump.  Although I will admit to taking
advantage of the ease of eating high carb items while pumping, I think I am
actually eating less sugary stuff overall.

The biggest difference with the pump, diet-wise, I think, is the fact that
I am not hungry all the time.  I used to be hungry just about constantly
(and esp. craved sweets), except for the occasional short periods when my
blood sugar was stable and in a decent range.  Now, I think my appetite is
more normal.  I do not crave sweets as I did before.  There are times when
I would *expect* to be hungry, when I'm not (and now I don't *have* to
eat).  In fact, what tipped me off to a site problem recently was that I
suddenly found myself again craving sweets (when I tested, my BG was in the
high 300s!)

Not to say that you will have this same result, but I wouldn't assume that
you will gain weight either.

Good luck!

--Laurel (pumping with MM 507 since 5/15/98)

> From: Barb Schiller <email @ redacted>
> To: Insulin-Pumpers <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Weight Gain?
> Date: Tuesday, August 04, 1998 7:08 AM
> I was told by fellow diabetic that several years ago when she was
> considering the pump - she was warned by the pump rep that she would gain
> 5-10 pounds.
> So, my question is:  will I gain weight automatically or will this happen
> only if I take advantage of the "eat what and when I want to"?
> I was looking forward to eating less and losing weight - though this will
> not change my decision for pump therapy - I would like a head's up if
> is the case.
> Looking forward to lots of  comments.
> BarbS
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