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Re: [IP] Continous Glucose system

At 02:00 PM 08/05/1998  David Zakary wrote:

>It monitored my bs every 10 seconds and recorded the average every 5
>minutes. The results could then be downloaded to a computer and analyzed.

Last week I talked to my endo about this. He had seen some of the results
of these trials. Apparently this is opening up a huge Pandora's box. He
told me than instead of a nice curve of readings over a period of time,
that the peaks & valleys looked more like the stock market during a very
rough month. He said you could get momentary lows in the 40's and then have
it immediately jump back up into triple digits. Current tests apparently
average these spikes... how are they going to handle it when there is a
continuous readout for everyone to see? He indicated that until they figure
out how to deal with this, that the practical application of this
technology may still be some time off.

BTW, the wild peaks & valleys also held true for non-diabetics too
(although they had a narrower range of values than diabetics). Apparently
our bodies do not react to changing conditions as quickly as doctors had
previously thought. This is because we didn't have the means to monitor
these things virtually continuously before. 


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