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Re: [IP] How to send me a picture

At 03:54 PM 08/05/1998  Bob Burnett wrote:
>I'll send a picture if you can edit it to reduce the gray in my beard,
>a full head of hair on top, make me look about 25 years old. The
>background would show me on a yacht in the Caribbean, sunset in the
>background, while my crew trims sail and prepares dinner.

I'd like a tall, good-looking blonde edited-in with my picture. But, then
again, my wife may have something to say about that... OK, so, change the
blonde to a picture of Mickey Mouse... that's safer and it goes along with
my pump's name (Minnie). Well, if you can't do that, at least take out the
zits and other imperfections... go gently on the imperfections, though...
if you try to get rid of all them, you'd end up with a blank picture.

[Little known fact: I've had my picture in Life Magazine. If you look at
the very back pages of Life Magazine right around April or May of 1943 (I
forget the exact date), you'll see a photo that my dad took of me. That was
my 15 minutes of fame... the rest has been strictly downhill].

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