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Hello All:

My name is Janis Moore.  I am new to this list and am very excited about the
information that I have already read.  I was diagnosed with DM1 42 years ago
at the age of 8.  I have been using a MiniMed 507 for two years now.  I was
using SQ ultralente 2x/ Regular 3+x per day before the pump, but had a major
problem working the night shift 12hrs for three days a week and then switching
to a daytime schedule for the rest of the week, especially when I would work
one on then one or two days off.  My doctor finally decided that I would be a
good candidate for the pump.  I am using Humulin.  My last HgA1C was 5.9.  I
love my pump.  I wish I had had one when I was an adolescent.  I would have
been able to be much more "normal".

I have enjoyed the banter on weight loss/gain.  I have gained weight with my
pump because I have enjoyed too much the freedom that it gives me, and because
I still have trouble coming to terms with "diets".  But in the last few months
I have found greater resolve and have cut down my carbohydrate intake.  The
pump gave me freedom to eat what I want, and I have found that it works the
other way, too.  I have lost 25 pounds.  Keep coming with your tips and it
will help me lose the rest.

I am also interested in hearing more about the MiniMed continuous glucose
monitoring device that David mentioned he was trialing.

Thanks for being there!

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/