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[IP] Continous Glucose system

Thanks. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens on this list.

Well, I don't remember what all the paperwork I signed said, so I'll be a
little "close to the chest" on what I say about the test.

I was wearing a continous glucose monitoring device that is currently in
development for a week. The device will (I believe) initially be for
clinical, not personal, use.

It monitored my bs every 10 seconds and recorded the average every 5
minutes. The results could then be downloaded to a computer and analyzed.
The sensor was inserted with a needle, similar to the SoftSet type of
system.  The needle is removed, leaving the sensor in my abdomen. The
sensor is then connected by wire to the recording device (which is bigger
and heavier than my 507).  The sensor itself is also harder than the canula
I'm currently using. The insertion needle is also a larger gauge than the
SoftSet needle. When I first saw it I was a little nervous - it looked BIG.
And there isn't a nice convienent SoftSerter either. Grab the fat and ram.
It took a LOT of force (or so it seemed) to get the sucker in.

The goal of this test was to compare the devices readings to manual blood
tests to work on calibration of the software. Over the week that I wore it
the results were promising. Some were dead on, some weren't.

Overall, I was glad I was a part of this test, which was done through my
hospital. I was doing it before I started wearing my pump. I'd love it if
the technologies could be combine (sensor controlling the pump) - but hey,
that's still a ways off.

Dave Zakary

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