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Hi Art.

I also have gastroparesis.  I have a 506 so I don't have square wave but this feature is exactly what I could use.  What I do instead is take a series of boluses -- sometimes one before, sometimes not.  I mix Humalog and Velosulin and yes, it does help a great deal.   The real reason I started doing it (at Michael's suggestion on the list) was that it combines all the good parts of H and all the good parts of V and gets rid of most of the bad parts of both -- especially site problems.

I recently saw a dietician with a pump at Kaiser and she gave me an interesting list of things to eat.  Of course no fat, low protein (I can't handle red meat too well).  Lots of fruits, vegetables and grains.  Her list of particularly helpful items that increase stomach motility was:

    Red Bell Pepper
    Peppermint (suggested tea)
    Raw Whole Pineapple (juice is not as good)

That's one of the prettiest list of required foods I have come across and they make for elegant and pleasing cooking.

Best of luck.

Art Schumm wrote:

 Is anyone else using MiniMeds' square wave bolus feature (507)? I have gastroperisis (stomach nerve damage) which causes my food to be absorbed at almost twice as long as normal.  I find that Humalog reacts too fast,  so I deliver my bolus over a 90 minute period, unless I'm having a lot of simple sugars in my meal, then I will deliver part of my bolus immediately, and the rest over the 90 mins. I have noted that some pumpers are mixing humalog/reg etc...is this the way to go, and are these people doing it for similar reasons as mine? I would like to here any other suggestions for dealing with my situation. ArtIDDM 31yrspumping 11yrs40yrs old