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Re: [IP] Re: pain in the butt

Cataracts can be caused by repeated fluctuations in blood sugar causing changes in
the eyes.  They can also be caused by old age or by heredity.  There may a few
other causes -- I don't remember -- but the point is diabetics can have cataracts
b/c of diabetes or b/c of other causes.

email @ redacted wrote:

> I've heard two schools of thought on Diabetes and related illnesses etc... the
> basis being 1. Diabetics have more problems i.e. athritis, trigger finger,
> depression etc... and 2. Diabetics go to the doctor more and are more aware of
> the body not functioning to par. No more probs than any other group of people.
> I know there are certain things that are more prevalent in diabetics (just
> look at retinopathy) but what about cateracts???
> I don't know which things are suppose to be related and which aren't.
> Katie
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