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Re: [IP] health insurance


Michael wrote:

I received a policy amendment just a week or two ago. The new
CONDITIONS of COVERAGE statement reads:
"In addition, the new plan may offer other types of coverage outside
the transfer program which may require a medical examination or
health statement. If he new plan has a preexisting conditions
exclusion, time enrolled in this Preferred Plus Plan will be credited
toward the new Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan's waiting period."
The key word is exclusion by pre-existing condition.  Type I diabetes is always at the top of those pre-existing lists. A spouse of my husband's former co-worker apparantly slipped by with cancer for a few months and then, after they had okayed it, they gave her another 6 months to find other insurance.

By the way, this problem is supposed to be most severe in California and there are 2 other states (Atlantic Monthly had a litst 8-10 months ago -- forgot who the 2 are) that are close 2nds.  New Jersey, for instance, only sometimes has this in their policies and my parents are currently living in New Mexico where apparantly these are either rare or non-existant.  My sister in law is a public health nurse in NJ and she said they've been repeatedly warned that the health care industry there is "starting down the path to go the way of California."  I actually thought that was kind of funny since I didn't realize California was in so much trouble! :-(!

I can't tell if this is getting better or worse.  Maybe just going up and down in increments.

the sections DROPPED read:
"require a medical examination or health statement to exclude
coverage for preexisting conditions, and not apply credit for the
time enrolled int his plan's waiting period."

> However, previous coverage as someone else's dependant doesn't always
> count.

> Last I checked Blue Cross says no way, it must be your policy, not a
> parent or spouse.  Aetna I thought said spouses but not grown children.
Hmmm..... that may be changing, worth checking out.

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