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Re: [IP] confessions I'm not proud of

I think you're words of caution are well founded.

My take on the weight loss was slightly different and did not change until I
got on the pump. Although weight loss was not my goal in not dealing with my
diabetes, it was a happy result. I never knew how much my high sugars were
keeping my weight in-check until I got on the pump and have been gaining!!!!

For the first time in my diabetic life I am taking insulin to the level of my
food intake which is large. That of course, means weight gain. Although I have
always been 5 - 10 pounds heavy. I am fat (40 pounds over weight) for the
first time.

It should also be noted that I did lose weight when I first got on the pump as
I was really excited about control and eating properly. It can be done, just
like anyone else that must eat right. For now while I struggle with eating
healthy (still a DIET to me) it is alot better for me personally to be fat
then out of control and skinny.

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