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Re: [IP] Re: Humalog and Exercise

When I exercise I use my disetronic temporary basal rate change and reduce by
50% and leave it that way for about 3 hours. Test sugars and eat a snack

He'll have to fiddle with the amounts for reduction and the snack. He probably
burns alot more than I do. He may need to cut back an hour earlier. Since, I
don't always know ahead of time, I eat the snack to cover the tail of the
humalog already in my system. He'll do some quesstimating and it's okay not to
be perfect. I'd say, munch on a few glucose tablets throughout the game.
Doesn't even have to stop. Then see how he comes out in the end. Eventually,
he'll get an idea of how much he's gonna drop for the amount of exercise.

As a kid that hated my diabetes, i suggest not going over board with it. Don't
make him test every 15 minutes or anything. Error on the side of going high
and let him figure what he'll do differently next time.

That's the whole idea of using temp reductions etc... You don't have to eat to
the level of insulin anymore. You can lower the insulin to the exercise.
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