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Re: [IP] Re: Humalog and Exercise

> I have been told that bg needs to be no lower than 150 and you need to stop
> periodically and take some carbs.  There are several runners on here that
> may help you.   The most important thing for your son is to realize that
> every 45- 1hr, depending on his mileage, he will have to replenish his
> body.  May be inconvenient, but that is what is. 
> Bonnie

This is pretty much what I do.  I'm a fencer.  During training sessions I 
am typically out on the strip actively fencing for 30 min at a strech, 
and perhaps resting as much at 5 to 10.  During sessions like this which 
last up to 3 hours, I will drop to 80% basal, and snack before hand.  
After each session of intense exersise, I look at the sugars, if they are 
below 100, I eat. I don't bolus for what I eat unless I get above about 
150.  If I do, I bolus a *little* (1 unit usually brings me about 30 
points down, I would give myself about .5 units or so, to bring it down 
gently (I find high sugars mess up my sense of distance and timing...very 
important) I usually don't require extra insulin unless i've been sittin 
around too long.  At a competition, the intensity is increased, however 
the actual amount of fencing (hence excersise) I do is less. (longer 
delays etc, etc) in that situation I test, and eat to cover dangerous low 
(80-100) conditions.  I don't drop the basal thoough.  The carbs are 
needed though, cause the body neds to get its carbs replenished when i'm 
active for a whole day of excersise which can last as long as 10 hours.  
(longest one i've ever been in was from 8am to 12:45 the next morning...I 
think thats a national record for extremly poorly run competitions...)

I'm still getting used to everything, but it seems that the basic idea is 
to eat a bit more to cover, or drop the basal,  but depending on the 
individual the effect of basal drops are different.  I drop to 80% I 
skyrocket if i'm not working hard.  A good friend of mine disconects for 
long periods with no ill effects...what do we call that?  a "ymmv" situation?

good luck working your stuff out.  (i'm still fine tuning my system.. 
hope to have it worked out before I go back to school and have to start 
training for the season...)

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