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[IP] Re: Humalog and Exercise


A while ago when I first joined this group I asked about ways to
get my son to remember to bolus and got some really helpful input
and I would like to thank you for all of your help.  That's gotten
alot better.  Now we're concerned about another problem.

How is everyone else dealing with Humalog and prolonged exercise.
(Especially the kids).  Justin had his second worse reaction since
his diagnosis 11 years ago.  The reactions seem to hit harder than
before on regular.  The other day he knew he was low - drank some
juice and started to come close to passing out.  I got him more
juice and some crackers and he recovered real fast but it was scary.
After the second dose of juice I got the test kit and tested him
and he was at 37.  (He had been playing basketball).  

We told him that before any exercise like that he needed to test
and treat anything that was even below 100 but do you have any
ideas of other things that might help.  Does anyone reduce basals
or reduce boluses?  We've tried cutting the food bolus in half
but when he unexpectedly exercises after already bolusing normally,
that obviously isn't possible.  

Any ideas?  Thanks.

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