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RE: [IP] confessions I'm not proud of

There are many reports and medical studies re: this very issue.
Diabetic,  female adolescents seem to be at higher risk for this
behavior (a form of an eating disorder) according to the studies I read.
I recall reading that this was an eating disorder, but it could not
really be diagnosed by the DSM IV as such b/c it does not meet the
criteria.  Also, some of the studies said that "catching" this behavior
is difficult, b/c the medical drs. think the patient is merely out of
control with the blood sugars, versus trying to lose weight.,  while the
counselors/psychologists dont usually have enough information about
diabetes to understand what that the patient is using their diabetes to
lose weight.   In other words, they dont even know that this can be
done.   Its an interesting issue.  Rachel, type one 15 yrs.  

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> Re; Weight loss
> As a teenager, I used my diabetes to great advantage.  My girl friends
> and I would have contests to see who could lose 5 pounds over a
> weekend, week, etc.  They, of course, would starve themselves to meet
> the goal,
> while I would gorge on high-sugar foods and achieve better results
> because of the high blood sugar burn fat correlation.  I never felt
> bad,
> but then my diabetes never made me feel good, bad, indifferent, no
> matter how I was controlling it.
> I thought this was my own big secret.  But a year or so ago, I read an
> article in one of the diabetes related publications that said this
> behavior was fairly typical for diabetic adolescent girls.  Being
> older
> and wiser, I can now see the harm I was doing to myself (though, knock
> on wood, I seem to be "genetically protected" from complications.
> But,
> moms (and dads), be aware that this behavior is not all that uncommon.
> Vicki McDonald
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