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Re: [IP] tape not sticking

Hi Sue,

   I have the same problem with Silhouette. Often it begins to loose at 
the edges. Please tell me where you got the "Duct tape". What is WD40? 
Pls let me know. 

>My Father always tells me that there are only two things really
>necessary to get by ... Duct tape to hold things together, and WD40 to
>get them apart!
>email @ redacted wrote:
>> Janet, I have to give you the man's solution to tape not sticking.   
>> don't often have this problem, but sometimes when laboring out in the
>> summer all that sweat occasionally begins to loosen some of the 
>> edges.  My temporary solution that works all the time is man's best 
>> duct tape!  A little piece will hold down those edges until I'm ready 
for a
>> new set.
>> I don't recommend this for women, since people may wonder just what 
kind of
>> woman you are :-), but it does work!   (Don't ask how I get it off)  
>> -wm
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