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Re: [IP] softsets; tenders, etc.

> Okay, I am confused.  I have been reading all the stuff about buying just
> cannulas and makes a lot of sense but. . . I looked on my soft set and I
> don't understand where you would be able to reuse the tubing.


It sounds like you don't use the Quick Release (QR) version of the
Sofset. There's a plastic connector which allows you to disconnect and
reconnect in a matter of seconds. If you haven't tried it, I suggest you
ring Minimed and get them to send you some free samples. It gives you
much greater flexibility but costs a little more.

For some reason the sofsets don't come in a canula only version, so this
discussion doesn't yet apply!

If I need to change infusion set, but there's still plenty of insulin in
the cartridge, I just put a new canula unit on the end of the QR, flip
up the drive arm in the pump, push the insulin through, and reprime.
This leaves me with some spare tubing for using around the house :)

Like you I reuse the cartridge several times. Occasionally I've had a No
Delivery alarm which I've narrowed down to the plunger sticking in the
cartridge, but this has also happened on the first time of usage, so I
don't regard it as a problem brought about specifically by reuse.
Minimed will of course encourage you to believe otherwise, but remember:
they generate a large part of their profits from sale of cartridges and
infusion sets.

Mary Jean, is it CTS then?

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