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Re: [IP] tape not sticking


My Father always tells me that there are only two things really
necessary to get by ... Duct tape to hold things together, and WD40 to
get them apart!

email @ redacted wrote:
> Janet, I have to give you the man's solution to tape not sticking.   I
> don't often have this problem, but sometimes when laboring out in the
> summer all that sweat occasionally begins to loosen some of the Silhouette
> edges.  My temporary solution that works all the time is man's best friend,
> duct tape!  A little piece will hold down those edges until I'm ready for a
> new set.
> I don't recommend this for women, since people may wonder just what kind of
> woman you are :-), but it does work!   (Don't ask how I get it off)  :-)
> -wm


	... Sue  :-)

		For a healthy heart ...
		Give your Faith a workout!

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