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<< Is anyone else using MiniMeds' square wave bolus feature (507)?>>

<< I have gastroperisis (stomach nerve damage) which causes my food to be
absorbed at almost twice as long as normal.  I find that Humalog reacts too
fast,  so I deliver my bolus over a 90 minute period, unless I'm having a lot
of simple sugars in my meal, then I will deliver part of my bolus immediately,
and the rest over the 90 mins.>>

While I don't have gastroparesis, I use the square wave for high fat meals
which digest at a slower rate.  It sounds like you are effectively using the
square wave to solve your problems.  FYI, the new 507C has a "dual wave"
feature which allows you to split the bolus in one programming step rather
than having to bolus part, and hope you remember to program the remainder in a
square wave.
<< I have noted that some pumpers are mixing humalog/reg etc...is this the way
to go, and are these people doing it for similar reasons as mine?>>

I do use a mix (3:1, H:V) for the same reasons, Humalog acts like rocket fuel
in my body.  I was having trouble with feeling like I was going low, while I
was still eating my meal.  The H was getting ahead of me!  By mixing in a
small portion of V or R insulin, it dulls the effect of the H just enough.  I
still get the benefits of the rapid onset, but it is stretched out a bit
longer.  Other people have gone to the mix because of problems with irritation
at the infusion site while using straight H.  We aren't sure why, but mixing
seems to really help.
I think the square wave is a great feature, although I don't use it that

Mary Jean
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/