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[IP] insurance headaches

Ruth wrote:

> Sounds to me like anger and depression are perfectly normal for anyone 
>  having to deal with the bureacracy of the medical system......

Sounds like your week has been as bad as my YEAR!!!  insurance JUST paid my
bills from the appendix back in Jan/Feb, and they conveniently disallowed
about $6K cuz the hospital wouldn't negotiate a discount.  I am waiting for
the hospital to send me a bill for that - I amjust gonna have to laugh!!
Insurance also stopped payment on the WRONG check, and the provide called me
screaming that the check had bounced.  They are behind several months on my
home medical bills and for some reason they are sending ME the checks instead
of the various providers - what do I look like?  Chase Manahattan?  now I
gotta fork out the stamp too?  

I tell ya what - if I didnt have this pesky pre-existing condition that they
cover so nicely, I'd be finding a new one.  Why does it have to be so
aggravating and time consuming???????????

Sara - who  really hates fighting with insurance companie
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/