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[IP] shrink shrank shrunk

Bob wrote:
> It's a bit ironic that mental health workers (psychologists, psychiatrists
> and therapists) seem to be regarded as separate from our "regular" 
> diabetes health care team (endos, internists, eye specialists and 
> dietitians). IMHO, they all belong on the same "team".

Mine is...they all work together, though the SHRINK (does he shirk from tht
title?  he IS after all trying to SHRINK my problems down to manageable size),
has his office elsewhere.

yeah - john, this group is CHEAP and I do get alot out of it, but reading the
digest is ANNOYING as hell, and insurance doesnt pay for any annoyance fees.
if you people would PLEASE stop copying entire posts in your responses, I
would be much less annoyed and might even not Need the darn shrink!!!

*-)=B xoxx
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