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[IP] back from the doc

Katie wrote:
> Welcome back. Miss you. 


> Who's the doc in Texas?

Dr. Jost in Dallas

Just got back from my endo, Dr. Drexler.  My A1c is 6.8 so "nanny nanny boo
boo" - vacation, lazing around and eating ice cream DEFINITELY agree with me!!

He is not too worried about the low creatine clearnace and says my eyes look
like they are in good shape CONSIDERING...he does want me to go meet with the
nephologist, and he is going to refer me to a different doctor here in NY.  He
gave me a package of rocket insulin cartrideges and a prescription for a new
Nove pen and wants me to think about playing around with it a bit. - doesnt
want it in the pump, but i said i would use it for highs and before high carb
meals and just use it as the TOOL it is...I'll keep y'all posted.

He was very nice and said i was doing everything right and I shold be proud of
myself and blah blah blah...I still feel like I am toeing the line between
compliance and who gives a dead rat's ass about this diabetes thing.

*-)=B xoxx
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