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Re: [IP] pacificCare and Kaiser in Bay Area, CA

I must be very lucky.  I have Oxford HMO in NYC and feel that I have a great team
and support system.  I just started on the MM507 and Oxford is covering everything.

The pump, its supplies all my diabetic supplies(through their maint drug) and great
My primary care sends(via mail or if needed fax) referrals very freely and all the
specialists have been very good.

just my .02

Tina Farrell wrote:

> I and others I know, including a sister, have had bad experiences with
> Kaiser. This was way before I was diagnosed with IDDM. I know people who
> are satisfied with them, but they would have to be my ONLY choice!
> On the other hand, I've been mistreated by other HMOs too. Kaiser has just
> been the MOST incompetent.
> It occurred to me the other day that the money part of the medical
> establishment has no love for chronic sufferers who also have the
> likelihood to live long lives. We're expensive, and yet we're vocal and
> feisty enough to carry on for a long time.
> I often feel that I'm getting the not so subtle message to just go away!
> Which makes me angry for all those years without IDDM when I didn't really
> use medical insurance very much.
> So tell me I'm just a little paranoid! But the battles, chores, and
> paperwork get to me.
> Tina

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