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Re: [IP] softsets; tenders, etc.

> Okay, I am confused.  I have been reading all the stuff about buying just
> cannulas and makes a lot of sense but. . . I looked on my soft set and I
> don't understand where you would be able to reuse the tubing.  It is one
> piece connected to the cannula. 

> Is this different on tenders?  I am fairly

Different. The Silohette/Tender/Comfort sets come packaged as a 
tube + cannula or cannula alone. These two combinations are further 
sold in boxes of only one, only the other or half and half (but not 
by all the various suppliers). I believe they are completely 
interchangeable though, so it doesn't really matter who you purchase 
them from.


> but I do use the syringe that goes in my 507 more
> than once so I know I would like the idea of not changing tubing so often
That's probably not a good idea. The lubricant is only designed for 
one use. The tubing, on the other hand, can be reused several times. 

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