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Re: [IP] health insurance

> If you already have coverage, they are required to cover you.   
>....   Don't know any more about this though.
I received a policy amendment just a week or two ago. The new 
CONDITIONS of COVERAGE statement reads:
"In addition, the new plan may offer other types of coverage outside 
the transfer program which may require a medical examination or 
health statement. If he new plan has a preexisting conditions 
exclusion, time enrolled in this Preferred Plus Plan will be credited 
toward the new Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan's waiting period." 

the sections DROPPED read:
"require a medical examination or health statement to exclude 
coverage for preexisting conditions, and not apply credit for the 
time enrolled int his plan's waiting period."

> However, previous coverage as someone else's dependant doesn't always
> count.  

> Last I checked Blue Cross says no way, it must be your policy, not a
> parent or spouse.  Aetna I thought said spouses but not grown children.
Hmmm..... that may be changing, worth checking out.

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