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Re: [IP] health insurance

If you already have coverage, they are required to cover you.   I didn't
pay much attention to waiting periods -- anything 12 months or under was
better than no insurance and marginally doable.  I didn't come across any
with more than 12 months and they may now waive the waiting period b/c of
new congressional legislation.   Don't know any more about this though.

However, previous coverage as someone else's dependant doesn't always
count.  8 years ago, when I turned 24 (after having had my Dad put me back
on his insurance in grad school) I lost coverage and this did not work.
Kaiser's current info package says they will continue coverage of
dependants or spouses or allow you to convert it to independant coverage.
Last I checked Blue Cross says no way, it must be your policy, not a
parent or spouse.  Aetna I thought said spouses but not grown children.

Michael wrote:

> > Michael and others,
> >
> > In California, these policies will not accept you if you are
> > diabetic or have any other chronic condition.   A few of them will
> > accept asthma or allergies.  I researched all this first for my
> > husband before we were married and then later for myself (a year and
> > a half ago).  In California the only insurance open to nonaffiliated
> > diabetic is high risk health insurance.  It is costly, covers only
> > minimal supplies, and has exorbinant co pays.  At the time I was
> > most desparate, I called the state for help and after being
> > endlessly shuffled around was told that my options for health
> > insurance were:
> OK, but if you already have coverage aren't they required to cover
> you and waive the waiting period??
> Michael
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