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RE: [IP] Weight Gain?

> I was told by fellow diabetic that several years ago when she was
> considering the pump - she was warned by the pump rep that she would gain
> 5-10 pounds.

I think that the explanation is NOT that you will overeat, or eat lots of
sweets, because you can on the pump. Rather, the explanation is that if you
are out-of-control, many of the calories you consume get peed away. When
you are in control, those calories stay in your body. Therefore, if you
were running lots of high blood sugars pre-pump, and then stay in the
normal bg range when you get the pump AND continue to eat the same foods,
you will gain weight.

Personally, I did not gain (or lose) weight when I went on the pump. My
control was mediocre when I got the pump -- HbA1c's in the high 7's, with
lots of highs and lows every day. 

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