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Re: [IP] High BG, pump / site problems

Bob Burnett wrote:
> 4)  I *always* check the bolus history on the pump to make sure I didn't
> forget a meal bolus, or program it improperly. Since I *never* forget to
> bolus, imagine my surprise when I forgot my lunch bolus recently.

And imagine my surprise when I was woken at 5am recently by my pump
beeping. The pump was in Suspend Mode! I wracked my brain. It slowly
dawned on me that I had gone to bed late and tired with a high bg - 250
(14). (These events possibly connected - high bg causes tiredness,
tiredness causes high bg) I had started a 3 unit bolus to correct it,
then changed my mind and killed it after 0.5, and gave 2.5 units by
syringe. I had decided it was better to take it by syringe in case the
site was going off. That way it would come down quicker and I would
sleep better. I would check the site in the morning.

Of course, killing a bolus puts it in suspend mode, and being tired etc
etc I forgot to cancel it... I'm surprised I managed to sleep so long
with it beeping every 10(?) minutes. But then, hearing loss does come
with old age doesn't it. Sorry???

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