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[IP] confessions I'm not proud of

Re; Weight loss
As a teenager, I used my diabetes to great advantage.  My girl friends
and I would have contests to see who could lose 5 pounds over a weekend,
week, etc.  They, of course, would starve themselves to meet the goal,
while I would gorge on high-sugar foods and achieve better results
because of the high blood sugar burn fat correlation.  I never felt bad,
but then my diabetes never made me feel good, bad, indifferent, no
matter how I was controlling it.
I thought this was my own big secret.  But a year or so ago, I read an
article in one of the diabetes related publications that said this
behavior was fairly typical for diabetic adolescent girls.  Being older
and wiser, I can now see the harm I was doing to myself (though, knock
on wood, I seem to be "genetically protected" from complications.  But,
moms (and dads), be aware that this behavior is not all that uncommon.
Vicki McDonald

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