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Re: [IP] pump clips

> Sam, I used to use the Minimed belt clip too, but lately have switched to
> the Unique "clip and go".  http://www.uniaccs.com/ .  This clips onto my
> waist band and gives excellent pump access.   Often when wearing jeans,  I
> slip it in my front pocket (while still clipped) if I' m walking fast or
> running.   If I'm wearing big boy pants, there is usually enough room to
> clip it so it hangs inside the pants.  With the little button extensions
> they give you, it is easy to reach the pump from inside the pocket and use
> the audio bolus.  Of course if you bolus too often people may wonder what
> you are doing with your hands in your pocket so often :-)

With my first pump-summer upon me, I've had to perfect my "gentlemen's
pump positioning". Originally I clipped the pump on my belt, but that's
gone out of fashion. In the winter it was always covered by a jacket or
jumper, but in the summer I got fed up with incessant questioning about
that thing on my belt. The evangelising was great fun at first, but the
novelty eventually wore off. I normally keep the pump loose in my
trouser pocket. I've cut tiny slits in the pocket lining, at the top,
through which I pass the QR. That way everything stay out of sight. For
those seated "intimate moments", I disconnect (there's always time, in
the absense of "fluid motions" :)

With my stage work, where I'm changing costumes a lot, I'm also quite
fond of the "underpants" position :) My Marks and Spencers briefs have a
convenient "panel" in the front that comfortably and discetely takes the
pump. Bolusing requires a little more discretion though!

Incidently, I found the 48" tube way too long for my needs, and I'm
happy with 24". My complaint about the sofset QR is that the QR nobble
tends to "travel" under clothing, and sometimes pulls at the site. I
know the S/T/C avoids this problem. Been there. But until they bring out
an insertion device, I'll stick with the sofset.

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