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Re: [IP] Weight Gain?

What the rep told your friend is not in itself true. Your weight usually
reflects what you eat. If you choose to use the freedom of pumping to
eat more, then yes, you'll gain weight. But on MDI I was forced to eat
between meals and when I wasn't hungry, and chasing off those hypos, so
I was overweight. Since pumping I, like Bob, have slowly shed weight. My
response to eating when and what I want to means eating less. I still
LOVE that novel sensation of "I'm hungry but I'm not about to go hypo"

There are some ideas that the high peeks of insulin activity brought
about by big injections on MDI contribute to the metabolism being
spurred into laying down fat. On pumping, the meal boluses, and so
maximum concentration of circulating insulin, tend to be lower.

I recently met a group of friends who I hadn't seen since starting on
the pump 7 months ago, and they were all amazed at the "new look" John
Neale... lean, mean, bounding with energy... (shucks:) I've had quite a
bit of explaining to do, particularly to those who didn't even know I
had diabetes (yes... that's how secretive I used to be)

My daily insulin consumption in the meantime has dropped from around 50
on MDI to 35 units.

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