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Re: [IP] health insurance

Michael and others,

In California, these policies will not accept you if you are diabetic or have any other chronic condition.   A few of
them will accept asthma or allergies.  I researched all this
first for my husband before we were married and then later for myself (a year and a half ago).  In California the only
insurance open to nonaffiliated diabetic is high risk health insurance.  It is costly, covers only minimal supplies, and
has exorbinant co pays.  At the time I was most desparate, I called the state for help and after being endlessly shuffled
around was told that my options for health insurance were:

    a).  to enter the lottery for the high costs plans (a choice of 3).  We figured out that using these plans would cost
me between 1/4 to 1/2 of my (at the time) $20,000 a year income.  Since those of you in the Bay Area know what rents are
like around here, that basically meant rent, utiltiies, health insurance, car insurance,  and a few dollars a month for

    b).  (The person I spoke to really said this!)  Have kidney failure within 45 days.  Then Medical would cover me.

    c).  join a large group plan who would accept me or get a full-time job that covered me.

If you are covered by a policy and loose coverage or change jobs, there are now policies are reasonable prices that offer
reasonable coverage.   If you work in areas that don't offer this kind of policy, if you don't work full time, if you
work for yourself, if you are a college or graduate student, these are not available (this makes me furious!)  Any
parents out there with college age kids or anyone in college, make sure you have a group plan or COBRA coverage BEFORE
you are too old to be covered by parents.

As it turned out, my husband got a job with health insurance and 2 months after my coverage expired we snuck out and did
a before the wedding city hall marriage.   I felt terrible about that but he kept pointing out that we already had a
wedding date anyway.  I keep wondering if there are health insurance marriages the way there are are green card


Michael wrote:

> > -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> > I would also like to learn more about getting insurance on my own.  I'm
> > 20 years old, (new to this site) and a pumper for three years.  I work
> > for a network of hospitals who are self insured and do not deal with the
> > insulin pump.  I have to drive out of state and pay out of pocket to see
> > my endo.  It's a major pain!  I'd do anything to get in with a better
> > insurance provider.
> >
> I received a bulk mail solicitation from Blue Shield of California
> (or one of their agents) that outlined a ppo plan for various agents.
> In my post I quoted their rates for single under 29 and under 39
> respectively at $90 and $131. I am afraid I tossed the flyer after I
> made the post. You should be able to get info of that nature from the
> various I co's representatives like Prudential, Blue Shield, Blue
> Cross. Sorry I can't be of more assistance.
> email @ redacted
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> Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/