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Re: [IP] Weight Gain?

That depends.  If you have had loose control before and the pump provides you
tighter control, the tighter control can initially make you gain weight -- you
will be getting the calories from a larger portion of the food you eat.   The
period of time when you are regulating your doses can make you gain a little
wieght too -- from the highs and lows corrections.  Whenever this happens to
me, I find that that weight disappears quickly and effortlessly once my doses
are correct again.   Then, of course, there is the "all the things you
couldn't eat before problem".  If  you can hold yourself strictly the first
5-6 months to eating only when you're hungry and in reasonable portions, this
will be less of a problem.  Of course anyone who drinks Dairy Queen milkshakes
regularly without rigorously burning off the calories is going to gain
weight.  You don't have to be diabetic or on an insulin pump for that.

Barb Schiller wrote:

> I was told by fellow diabetic that several years ago when she was
> considering the pump - she was warned by the pump rep that she would gain
> 5-10 pounds.
> So, my question is:  will I gain weight automatically or will this happen
> only if I take advantage of the "eat what and when I want to"?
> I was looking forward to eating less and losing weight - though this will
> not change my decision for pump therapy - I would like a head's up if this
> is the case.
> Looking forward to lots of  comments.
> BarbS
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