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Re: [IP] Thanks for the info

You can often avoid the need for antibiotics and/or make the infection heal
Hot water is the key -- hot pads wrapped in a towel are great.  So it is
running it under very hot water in the shower.  This draws the pus and
infection up into the pimple and discourages it from spreading.  It also helps
it break sooner.

Sam Skopp wrote:

> I just wanted everyone to know how much I really appreciate what I learn
> from this list. Last Wednesday evening I noticed that my infusion site was
> a just a little red. Since it was pretty close to the time to change sites,
> I decided to do it right away. Once I removed the old set, it looked sort
> of like a large zit, but not horrible. I cleaned the area with peroxide.
> The next evening, however, the whole area looked very red and was very
> tender to the touch. I called the doctor as soon as possible the next
> morning (Friday). He prescribed an antibiotic and the site seems to be much
> happier now.
> I suspect that if I had not been reading this list that I would have let
> the problem go much longer before seeking help. That could be dangerous.
> Listening to some of the experiences here made me realize that a site
> infection is nothing to mess around with. Thanks!!
> When I picked up my antibiotic, I asked the pharmacist about better
> antiseptic measures (I'd been using only the IV-prep up to this time). He
> suggested an iodine-based preparation which I've now started using.
> Obviously prevention is better than any cure.
> Sam
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/