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Re: [IP] Switching insulin

Kim Hinckel wrote:

> Hi.  I have been on the insulin pump since May 4th.  My A1c has come down
> 1.7 points already.  My control has never been better.  This group has been
> very supportive.  I have two questions today.
> I started on Velosulin.  My doctor gave me an RX for Humalog.  He said my
> basal rates would stay the same (I have four rates in 24 hours).  I was
> under the impression that I might need to make a slight adjustment since
> the timing action of the insulins is different.  What has your experience
> shown?

When I first tried humalog by itself my rates were dramatically lower.   My
basal rate was much more effective than with the V and I needed significantly
less insulin.  I had trouble with meal timing with both V and H by themselves
-- just highs in different places.  With the combo of the two I take a little
less basal rate than with V and a little more than with H.  The same is true of
my boluses which also work in terms of timing much better this way.

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