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[IP] Problems!

     You may want to check the lubrication of your syringe. You are 
     supposed to pull the plunger up and down for good lubrication. I 
     always do this but recently had a problem with a bad syringe having 
     either little or no lubrication. This caused no delivery alarms 
     because the plunger was too tight too move properly when delivering a 
     bolus. I found this out the hard way as I had changed my sites three 
     times thinking that I too had bad sites.
     Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 02:17:08 -0400
     From: WBB <email @ redacted>
     Subject: Re: [IP] Problems!
     I have a 507 as well and I was getting NO DELIVERY ALARMS quite 
     I would then disconnect from the cath and push the plunger till 
     appeared at the end and then reconnect to the cath. That would work 
     for a
     while. I too sometimes changed my site several times thinking the 
     was the cath. Also it is in my opinion that sometimes hot weather can
     affect the insulin and form enough tiny bubbles to clog the line.
     I then switched to a shorter line 80cm compared to 110cm of old line
     (Disetronic Tenders) and that seemed to take care of the problem.
     Also before putting insulin in the syringe-pull and push the plunger 
     in and
     out twisting it as you go -this lubricates the syringe barrel (inside)
     making it easier to pump the insulin through the line.
     Willard Bell  [email @ redacted]
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