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Re: [IP] donna: cataract surgery

> To all you wonderful people who answered my silly question just wanted to let
> you know how things where going.  As far as the doctors I have one out of
> three learning.  My endo and I spoke today.  After telling him the advice I
> received he also agreed that my pump should stay pumping.   He also agreed
> that my dextrose should be the "non flavored" kind.  I go Tuesday and have all
> the lab work completed.  

Make sure you speak to the anesthesiologist yourself. If necessary, 
have your endo call him if he is not receptive.

The surgeon's job is to hack and cut, the  anesthesiologist's job is 
to keep you alive and stable through the hacking and cutting. The  
anesthesiologist is the most important member of the medical team 
when your 'under'.
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