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Mental health, was: Re: [IP] Long time diabetes-pump use/Back again


I agree with your statements here. We know that people with diabetes tend
to have a high incidence of depression and other stress related problems.
We deserve (and should demand) the same degree of professional assistance
dealing with that aspect of our health.

It's a bit ironic that mental health workers (psychologists, psychiatrists
and therapists) seem to be regarded as separate from our "regular" diabetes
health care team (endos, internists, eye specialists and dietitians). IMHO,
they all belong on the same "team".

Life, indeed is tough. Seeking capable assistance for our problems should
not be.


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>Thanks for your good input, however, I must take issue (my personal stand)
>on the "what do you need a shrink for?".  Everyone needs a regular
>"physical" check up and everyone also needs a "mental" health check up from
>time to time.  Life is tough, and sometimes we all need someone to bounce
>thoughts off of.   "Shrinks" are valuable, although I prefer Psychologists
>(shrinks cure with medication and psychologists cure with therapy and
>helping us understand ourselves).  All of our lives are so filled with
>stress and issues to deal with other than Diabetes, that without someone
>occasionally to unload on some of us would go nuts.  Not having any Prozac
>available, I often call on my Psychologist (Mental Health Specialist) to
>help me see the light.  I feel everyone should be comfortable doing the
>So there, (Ahem) and all that.... 
>(BS is Psychology and HR Mgmt - 1994)


Bob Burnett

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