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Re: [IP] tape not sticking

Wayne, Janet:

A small piece of Hypafix works very well around the edge of the set.  It's
easily trimmed and seems to hold very well, even in real small pieces.
Advantages over duct tape include appearance, breath ability and sterility.
It's also a little easier to work with. Hypafix is very similar to the tape
used on the back of the Tenders / Comforts / Silhouettes. This last detail
might be important if you are sensitive to those sets without proper skin

Wayne, there is a variety of duct tape typically called "200 mile per hour
tape". It's the stuff used on race cars to hold the loose pieces together
until the end of the race. This might be useful for those days when you
seem to be running all around like a crazy person, taking care of chores,
etc. At least your bumpers won't fall off <vbg>

Bob Burnett

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