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Re: [IP] tape not sticking

Janet, I have to give you the man's solution to tape not sticking.   I
don't often have this problem, but sometimes when laboring out in the
summer all that sweat occasionally begins to loosen some of the Silhouette
edges.  My temporary solution that works all the time is man's best friend,
duct tape!  A little piece will hold down those edges until I'm ready for a
new set.
I don't recommend this for women, since people may wonder just what kind of
woman you are :-), but it does work!   (Don't ask how I get it off)  :-)

<<<<From: Janet Wiener <email @ redacted>

A few weeks ago, there were a number of complaints about tape not sticking,
and we went through the usual suggestions (use anti-perspirant, use skin
prep, use iv prep, use a bottom layer of tape under the infusion set).
I suspect iv prep is actually part of the problem, not the solution.

Right about then, all of a sudden I had 2 infusion sets in a row come
"unstuck". It coincided with some hot weather in the bay area, and I
decided to try an experiment.

I used to use skin prep for a few years, and then used nothing for another
year. I use a bottom layer of IV 3000 tape, and even in humidity and heat,
even when swimming every day and wearing sweaty tight-fitting clothes (bike
shorts) for many hours, did not have sticking problems.

I started using iv prep in April when Minimed sent me a few boxes. IV Prep
is made by the same company (Smith & Nephew) as Skin Prep, and supposed
includes skin disinfectant (Hibiclens-like stuff) AND the sticky part of
skin prep. The sticking problems started AFTER I got the iv prep.  And yes,
I let it completely dry before applying any tape.

I stopped using iv prep about a month ago, and the weather cooled off. It's
now been hot again for a week, and I don't have sticking problems.


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