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[IP] Re: pump clips

Sam, I used to use the Minimed belt clip too, but lately have switched to
the Unique "clip and go".  http://www.uniaccs.com/ .  This clips onto my
waist band and gives excellent pump access.   Often when wearing jeans,  I
slip it in my front pocket (while still clipped) if I' m walking fast or
running.   If I'm wearing big boy pants, there is usually enough room to
clip it so it hangs inside the pants.  With the little button extensions
they give you, it is easy to reach the pump from inside the pocket and use
the audio bolus.  Of course if you bolus too often people may wonder what
you are doing with your hands in your pocket so often :-)
 (We'll have to change what  May West used to say about that pickle in you
pocket?  "Is that a pump in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?")

<<<<<<<<<From: Sam Skopp <email @ redacted>

I guess I'll need to stick with the longer tubing. I don't use the clip at
all... I use the cute little MiniMed leather case that slips under my belt.
So, there's nothing to clip it to when it's loose. I choose that case
because it lets me wear the pump horizontally, yet easily remove it when
necessary (I didn't like the sports case because it was bulkier and got
easily dislodged from my belt).


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