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RE: [IP] Weight Gain?

Hi Barb,
	I have been pumping since Oct of 96 (Minimed -humalog).  I just
had my 6mo endo appt. yday ---I had lost 8 pounds!  I lost this since
Feb of this year, but I lost another 8 when I went on the pump.  I eat
when I am hungry ----not b/c my insulin is peaking and I have to!  The
pump has helped me in my weight loss efforts.  Actually, I did not even
try to lose this last 8lbs --it just happened.  Now, I do exercise.  I
power walk and jog.  The difference is:  now that I use a pump, I dont
have to eat a ton of sweets b4 a workout.  I have a different problem
tho:  my bs goes way high after workouts, but that is a different story
       When I was 14 my bs ran sky high all the time and my wt. was low.
My parents sent me to diabetic camp and I gained 10 lbs.  My bs was so
high that my body had to burn fat for energy----(Others may be able to
shed more light on why this occurs!)  When I went on the pump, my bs was
not in great control, but certainly not as bad as when I was 14
rebelling against EVERYTHING!   Rachel, type one, 15 yrs.

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> Subject: 	[IP] Weight Gain?
> I was told by fellow diabetic that several years ago when she was
> considering the pump - she was warned by the pump rep that she would
> gain
> 5-10 pounds.
> So, my question is:  will I gain weight automatically or will this
> happen
> only if I take advantage of the "eat what and when I want to"?
> I was looking forward to eating less and losing weight - though this
> will
> not change my decision for pump therapy - I would like a head's up if
> this
> is the case.
> Looking forward to lots of  comments.
> BarbS
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