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Re: [IP] Problems!

Laurel and Wayne wrote:
> I need some help.  Tonight I got a no delivery alarm with my MM507.  It
> wasn't the bolus and basal simultaneous delivery.  The site is new, is
> absorbing well, and appears to be fine.  I opened up the back of the pump
> and moved the arms forward and then back into position.  

I'm sure you did it right, but just in case, I trust you bolused till you 
got insulin out after the arm rearrangement? Not meaning to be a nit-picker, 
just tend to check the basics in cases like this. Hate to see a different
thing add to the confusion caused by these problems.
> I KNOW I did not insert at too steep an angle.  Would inserting at too
> shallow an angle cause this?  What else might cause it?  

Only problem with going to shallow is a higher chance of kinking the canula.
It's a bit too easy to bend it when you move if it isn't a bit deeper, at
least in my thinking. Had a few that came out suddenly kinked like that.

Has anyone else
> had this happen with their Sils?

No, only real problem I've had is the occasional crimped canula.
> Some help would be much appreciated.  Or some encouragement or sympathy. 

Hang in there, it may just be a minor difference in technique or such. Hard
to tell at this distance sometimes, but keep asking!

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/