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Re: [IP] Mixing H and V

> My 3 year old son is doing pretty well on Humulog in his pump however we have
> some highs around 10 am and 4 pm.  When I check his basals by him fasting the
> numbers stay good.  The insulin to carb ratio works fine the rest of the day.
> My doctor has heard you can mix H and Regular, but hasn't done it before.  Do
> those of you that mix feel based on what I've told you, that my son might
> benefit from mixing? 


Sounds to me like mixing H & R is not the problem here, although you may
benefit from it in other ways.

You say you're sure the basals are correct. A lot of people are now
finding that the insulin/carb ratio is not always fixed but can vary at
different times of the day. Life, and diabetes in particular, is never
simple! Try increasing his ratios at these times which give trouble.

Keep fiddling, keep experimenting, and just try and get the best you
can! There are no fixed rules in the diabetes game: you think you've
guessed the rules, and you find you were wrong all along...

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