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[IP] Switching insulin

> Also, I prime my set and there are no bubbles in the tubing.  I put the
> reservoir in the pump (MiniMed) and lock the driver arms into place.  I get
> ready to give the .5 unit bolus and viola there is a huge bubble at the end
> of the set (silhouette) where it connects.  I need to bolus another one to
> two units to push the air out.  How is this air getting sucked in at the
> end of the set.  Am I doing something wrong?


No, nothing wrong. There is a surprising amount of flexibilty in the
cartridge, tubing etc. When you let go of the plunger, the rubber seals
in the cartridge will spring back very slightly, drawing a tiny air
bubble back in at the canula end. I try to leave a drop of insulin
balanced on the end of the needle (I use sofsets) so no air gets sucked
back in. Then of course you just let the pump do a large bolus to take
up all the tension again.

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