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Re: [IP] Silhouettes - separate purchases


Yes, try item 372. 43" Combo. I insisted on it because I first used the
same thing thru Disetronic (2 catheters/1 tubing) -- I had no idea
Disetronic was compatible with MiniMed until my medical supplier told me.
Now MiniMed has the same thing. The silhouette is not made by either
company (Disetronic or MiniMed), by the way. On the Disetronic side they're
called Tenders.

But MiniMed now carries the 'Combo'. At first they said they were worried
about sterility -- but I for one have not had a bit of problem with it.


>Has anyone been able to purchase the Mini Med Silhouettes in any form but
>the box of 5 whole sets and 5 infusion sets?  I would like to be able to
>purchase separate infusion packages without the tubing, but am told it is
>not possible.  Would anyone else like to purchase them separately?  I am
>sure if there is a demand.....
>Sometimes I don't need to change the whole tubing line, just the infusion
>set.  We are all trying to save money. I am sure the infusion with tubing
>is a bit more than the set alone.  Mini Med is surely getting so many more
>consumers that this surely isn't a market issue, or maybe it is.
>A note on the "lisa thing" (what was that old song  "It's not Lisa,
>it's..."?) I never read her stuff because the grammar and spelling were so
>awful and she made no apparent effort to improve - an energy suck if I ever
>knew one.  Don't have time in my life for those.  Did any of you really
>send her presents?  Geez, it is a good thing what comes around goes
>around.....she/he/it will get what they gave back.....as we all do.
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/