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[IP] Medical Testimonials for the Pump?

Thank you Sue. I'm enjoying the light and the audible bolus feature. The
square wave is not something I've needed, but my dr, who pumps, loves it.
So go figure. The software might be super for tracking trends. We're so
close, I feel, to continuous BG sensing, which is the other half of our
problem. At any rate I feel extremely fortunate to be able to have a pump,
even tho ever fighting with insurance companies about the costs!

That's prob another good question for the group. I actually found you all
while looking for some kind of testimonial about the pump's benefits that I
could print out for my health insurance. Does anyone know of something on
the web?


>Hi Tina,
>The big differences are that the 507C has more memory and a dual wave
>bolus.  There are a few new features also.  For more information check
>MiniMed's web site at <www.minimed.com>.
>When the computer hookup and software are released, they should work
>with the 507 also.
><< I'm new to group and seeing a lot of messages about the 507C. I have
>507 -- just got it Jan 1st. What's your estimation of what's different
>the C?
>Tina Farrell
>Milpitas CA >>
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