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Re: [IP] Sara's BACK!!! and this is long

Hi Sara,

Welcome back!  Yes, you were missed!

Please give the shrink a chance.  Sometimes it helps make you feel
better just by sitting there ranting and raving about your diabetes and
getting it off your chest.  Who knows, he may come up with some good
suggestions and help you not to be so pissed off.

Good luck.

I am going to the endo tomorrow...this is the one I spoke so hihgly of
while I
was in the hospital...but this visit better be worth my time and energy
time, as opposed to the last time when the nurse just kinda scanned my
detailed log, pointing out highs and lows and not really providing much
I told the nurse and the doc back in June that I was very frustrated and
bothered about diabetes in general and my eye and vision in particular
they referred me to a shrink, who I saw, and who I guess i ought to call
and set up regular visits, but I dont know if talking about it with him
gonna make me feel better!  I am NOT depressed about this - just pissed

so anyway...I am back now and will try to keep up with the digest.  I
miss you

*-)=B xoxx >>


	... Sue  :-)

		For a healthy heart ...
		Give your Faith a workout!

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