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Re: [IP] I am wearing my pump

At 07:39 PM 08/03/1998  Don Francisco wrote:
>Me too, Sam.  Kinda weird at first, realizing the huge dose of N has been
>almost cut in half.  :-)  Based on my N dose I would go through a bottle
>about 14 days.  Now I use a cartridge (?) for 10 days.  :-)

I'll have been pumping for 2 months this Thursday. When I was first started
I didn't believe the small doses they were saying to use... I was sure that
they were wrong. I'd been using about 32 units a day in NPH, now my total
basals add up to just under 20 units. I don't pretend to understand all the
reasons, but it works and that's all that counts.


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