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[IP] Thanks for the info

I just wanted everyone to know how much I really appreciate what I learn
from this list. Last Wednesday evening I noticed that my infusion site was
a just a little red. Since it was pretty close to the time to change sites,
I decided to do it right away. Once I removed the old set, it looked sort
of like a large zit, but not horrible. I cleaned the area with peroxide.
The next evening, however, the whole area looked very red and was very
tender to the touch. I called the doctor as soon as possible the next
morning (Friday). He prescribed an antibiotic and the site seems to be much
happier now. 

I suspect that if I had not been reading this list that I would have let
the problem go much longer before seeking help. That could be dangerous.
Listening to some of the experiences here made me realize that a site
infection is nothing to mess around with. Thanks!!

When I picked up my antibiotic, I asked the pharmacist about better
antiseptic measures (I'd been using only the IV-prep up to this time). He
suggested an iodine-based preparation which I've now started using.
Obviously prevention is better than any cure.


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